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Meet the newest addition to my Collection of All Things Weird and Random. This handsome little gem came to me from the MOMA website.


I came across this little orange piece of heaven months ago and have wanted him since, though I haven’t much need for a paperclip holder. I mostly wanted him as a cubicle knick knack. And a snuggle buddy.


It was Patrick’s frustration with the swarm of bobby pins living in our bathroom that pushed him to eventually buy this for me.


And it’s serendipitous the way it worked out, because bobby pins, not paperclips, make this little guy look most like a porcupine.



I love him.


The end.


Making pictures

I took my camera to flyball practice to test out the feature specifically for unpredictable moving objects such as animals. Though out of the whole batch of photos from that day, this is my favorite. It was a day of running, jumping, retrieving, training and more, but this was just a still shot of my favorite whippet, George. And I think I captured him perfectly.

Excitedly waiting for his turn to play flyball.