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Yes, exactly like a fairy tale

While some are arguing that the name of ABC’s dramatic dating show “The Bachelor” be changed to “The Most Heartless Son of a bitch in America,” consider for a moment the circumstances of this show. Meeting the man of your dreams and forging a serious relationship on-camera while America watches along with the families of the 24 other woman your Prince Charming is simultaneously dating is not an ideal way to find a soulmate. I’m not sure it’s the ideal way to find a breakfast cereal. It’s not an accurate portrayal of how life goes. At least outside the land of Make Believe. And polygamy.

But take into account how, blame aside, Jason went with his heart. What? GASP! He made a mistake? AND admitted to it? WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?! Isn’t a person allowed to change his mind? Isn’t there something to be said about his honesty no matter how ridiculously it all unfolded? And is he really the only one at fault here? Didn’t all parties involved understand what they were getting themselves into?

I, too, was completely enveloped in this dramatic season and went with him on all the twists and turns that were the rose ceremonies – dismissing each girl one by one, until there were only two remaining (which, on any other reality show, wouldn’t have been the last two standing). 

And when one got dumped, she whined like a baby only to reunite with her man six weeks later when he dumped his fiancee – still on national television – and she then whined like a baby. I know that this is, eh em, real and all, but hello? ISN’T THIS WHAT YOU SIGNED UP FOR? Can’t you just eat your drama sandwich and make peace with the fact that no, this is not in fact normal. No, this is not an ideal dating situation. And no, you might not be the person he’s looking for even if you are an adorable Canadian with personality to spare and legs to die for.

Apparently Jason and I have differing taste in chics.


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