Anything Lime

Resolutions and so forth

Write more.
That refers to both on and off this blog. In fact, I hope that most of my writing is non-blog writing because I’d like to finish a project I’m working on by the end of this year. What is this project? I can’t tell you… er… my dog ate it.

Deepen the relationships I have with my friends and family.
This might offer some sort of explanation as to why I’ve been bombarding my best girls and guys with phone calls and e-mails. For all of you to whom this applies, please don’t change your numbers. It’s only because I love you. And also because I want to be in your good graces should you suddenly became incredibly wealthy.

Talk less. Listen more.
Inspired by my incessant need to walk into my boss’s office and tell her about the embarrassing moment du jour. After the long awkward pause I try to offer up an explanation in the form of a pole with which I fish deeper and deeper into the vast pool that is my social awkwardness. “Sorry, I should probably have kept that to myself.” Followed by, “It’s just that you asked how I was doing, and instead of spewing out ‘fine’ I figured I’d tell you about my personal problems that clearly aren’t work appropriate.” And then with, “At the time when you asked I thought I started to come out and say it, and then after I started saying it I started to think ‘oh, why am I saying this?'” And finally with, “Well now I’m just rambling.”

Become a better cook.
Because when we go visit my grandma and she says, “Patrick, you’ve lost more weight – Whitney! Aren’t you feeding him?” I can say “yes” and actually mean it.

Learn to sign.
I’d like to open my world to the beauty that is communication without words. And because my sister can’t always tell when I’m calling her a bitch.

Become more confident.
I plan to use clicker training. It certainly worked for Kya and all the dogs on her flyball team.

Take more photos.
It’s a good way to capture moments in time and also ensure that the camera I bought myself in November wasn’t a pointless investment.

Happy New Year. It’s nice to meet you, 2009.


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  1. * Will says:

    Well, what kind of food does Patrick like? That’s always a good way to start. I also recommend serving wine with every meal. By the end of the second glass you won’t care what the food tastes like :P

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 5 months ago

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