Anything Lime

Proof that goodness exists in the world

I pulled up in front of my building after work today and saw one of the neighborhood kids skateboarding. I’ve seen him a few times and had begun collecting old issues of my company’s skateboard magazine for him. I walked out to meet him and offered him the magazines. This is the second time I’ve done this, though last time I had only one issue to give him, and I think the gesture came off as more creepy than kind. Regardless, he seemed happily surprised when I came back out of my building holding the stack. I waved and he rolled over to me, a friend following him. They greeted me with smiles.

We’re constantly reminded of the hatred and cruelty that constantly surrounds us, but this was just one act of kindness, and it was truly appreciated. They thanked me so many times, and then they told me they were glad we were friends. Until today, I didn’t even know their names were Brendon and Dante. Until today we were strangers. I appreciated the genuine smiles on their faces, and as I turned to walk away, kindness resonated in Dante’s voice, and the sweet sound made me feel hopeful that Dante would certainly find a way to pay the kindness forward.

“Do you need your trash tooken out?”


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