Anything Lime

Back from blog vacation

It seems as though it’s been forever since my last post. What? What’s that? It HAS been forever? Ok, well, my apologies. I’ve been up to so much throughout the last month – friends visiting, battling the flu, making holiday plans, celebrating my birthday, eating baked potatoes for dinner every night (with chives!), going to the always-amusing flyball Saturdays, experiencing the effects of iron deficiency and more. I even bought myself a little something for my birthday. Ok, a big something. A huge something. I saved up for a while and now it’s mine. It’s a Canon Rebel. So, be prepared to look at ten zillion photos …of my dog.

So, while I’ve been busy, know that I haven’t abandoned you. I like to think of this break as a little hiatus while work was overwhelmingly hectic and I was worrying about more important things, like flyball.

I’m back.


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