Anything Lime

Simple joys

Dear Patrick,

I rocked at yoga class tonight. During the savasana at the end, I just lied there with my eyes closed, and thoughts of you filled my head. I kept hearing your laugh, and it made me wonder when the last time it was I made you laugh. I imagined the smile taking shape on your face, with your eyes squinting and your nose slightly wrinkling. I pictured your dimple and your teeth. And then I heard the sound again, a sound that fills me with so much happiness. It gives me great pride knowing how easy it was to conjure up such an image, and it made me realize just how much of our time together is spent laughing.

I am eternally grateful for you, Patrick, because the image of you laughing is what I need sometimes to keep me going. And when you’re worlds away and I need you, I can just close my eyes and picture your face. There are few comforts like the sound of your laugh and the shape of your smile, but they’re as meaningful as they are simple, and they’ll be close to my heart for the rest of my life.

As I walked out of class, still thinking about you and prouder than ever that I’d manage to master crow pose and shoot out to plank, I realized that there is a silver lining in your traveling so frequently: only when you’re gone can I look forward to your return. And as I’m filled with anticipation and joy and excitement, none of those feelings compare to finally being close enough to touch you. To reach out and feel you against me. Because the best things in life are often the simplest. Like our love. Like our dog. Like your laugh.

I want to thank you, Patrick, for bringing me happiness when you’re here with me and also when you’re not here with me. For helping me to realize the power of a laugh, the importance of a smile and the joy we bring to one another. And as I think about my life and imagine growing old, I’ll always cherish the power of laughter and the sound of happiness. That’s what you have shown me, Patrick, and I’m excited to spend the rest of my life returning the favor.

So, darling, here’s to true love and laughter. And to answering so many questions with, “Because he makes me happy. Because he makes me laugh. Because sometimes a little pee comes out.”




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