Anything Lime

Kelsey in a nutshell

Got a message from my little sister. “Hi. It’s me. Call me as SOON as you get this. It’s REALLY important. Ok, bye.”

Let me preface the following conversation by saying that just days before, Kelsey, who moved to Key West in the midst of hurricane season, had called me and asked whether she’d be able to crash at my place if when her house got hit by the marching band of tropical storms headed her way. Upon hearing this message, I panicked and assumed that she was, at that time, floating on a piece of driftwood in the middle of the ocean with nothing but her pet turtle, her Muppet Show DVDs and, of course, her cell phone.

So I called her back, frantic.

Me: “Hi Kels, what’s wrong? Are you all right?”

Kelsey: “Oh, hi-ya Whit. How are you doing?”

Me: “What? What’s going on? What was so important?”

Kelsey: “Oh, I wanted to know whether you knew how much the Rosetta Stone tapes cost. But nevermind, I just looked it up.”

Me: “So that’s why you called?”

Kelsey: “Yes, but I just looked it up myself anyway.”

Me: “So there’s nothing wrong?”

Kelsey: “I just needed to know how much they were. (pause) So how are you?”

Me: “I’m busy. I’m working.”

Kelsey: “Oh yea. So what’s new?”

Me: “Look, Kels, I’m working on a huge project, I can’t really talk. But are you guys ok? I mean, are you evacuating for the hurricanes?”

Kelsey: “No, they’re supposed to hit us, but not bad. We’re just going to stay here. What about you? You guys going to get hit bad?”

Me: “I don’t know, I don’t think so.”

Kelsey: “Well, I’m really busy. Call me later.”

Me: “…Um, ok, love you, bye.”

Kelsey: “Loveyoubye.” Click


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