Anything Lime

My life in syllables

It’s been 15 days since my last entry. In lieu of providing an explanation, I offer the details of my life shortly and simply in the form of haiku. One for each day I’ve slacked off.

August 13

Little sister came.
Had some good laughs and hard cries.
Her belly’s empty.

August 14

Saved a life today.
Lifted a dog’s death sentence.
He peed in my car.

August 15

Patrick missed the cut.
Wasn’t having a good day.
Still his biggest fan.

August 16

No flyball for Ky.
Eye swollen, red and gooey.

August 17

Overwhelming smell.
Dog pee plus car seat cleaner.
Time for a new car.

August 18

Named the dog Soto.
Clean bill of health from the vet.
Pooped all the way home.

August 19

Starbuck’s after work.
Forgot about milk in car.
Bad smell has worsened.

August 20

Kelsey got married.
Beautiful beach in Key West.
Call me “The Spinster.”

August 21

Kya is healing.
Globs of ointment in her eye.
Good dog; here’s a treat.

August 22

Scale says one nineteen.
I guess I don’t hate the gym.
Goodbye, my blubber.

Fit into old jeans.
All my hard work has paid off.
Old jeans out of style.

Got a new haircut.
Added highlights and got bangs.
Fricken love my bangs.

August 23

Feeyonce returned home.
Forgot what his face looked like.
I remember now.

Had fun at flyball.
Learned to go onto the box.
Kya, get your ball.

August 24

Love lazy Sundays.
Wanted to relax all day.
Patrick made me clean.

August 25

Coworker’s birthday?
Picked up a card before work.
It’s not ‘til Thursday.

Roof leak near my cube.
Could collapse at any time.
Smells worse than my car.

August 26

Delicious dinner.
Made some eggplant parmesan.
Was full to the brim.

August 27

Repainted my nails.
Watched a dog show on TV.
Best team got kicked off.

August 28

Making wedding plans.
We chose our centerpieces.
Can’t wait to make them.


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