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My latest obsession:

Why? BECAUSE I’M FRICKEN WEIRD. I wish I had a better answer for you.

Little story.

Pulling out of my apartment complex last week, I was startled when I saw a vulture on the side of the road devouring the remains of some poor, dead animal that had fallen victim to the reckless driving of Orlando residents. I was in total shock, so I slammed on my brakes (safe driving, I know) and I stared at the giant bird, which, surprisingly did resemble the charming, British quartet from “The Jungle Book.”

I was in total awe. Completely intrigued. And, as if in slow motion, the bird lifted its bald, wrinkly head to glance in my direction while part of its meal dangled from its beak.

With its dark, concentrated eyes, the bird focused on me, and I swear to God IT LOOKED ME IN MY SOUL! It maintained eye contact until I heard a loud honking noise that brought me back to reality: my deep connection with this bird was holding up traffic. I drove away and wept.

I’ve been thinking of little else the past week, and I have been pondering all the reasons why it was fate that brought me and road kill eater together that day. Maybe it was to realize that even the darkest things have a strange beauty about them. Or maybe the realization was that some creatures are horribly misunderstood, but serve great purpose in the world.

I’m not sure that I could have had a better first meeting with a vulture. It was everything I ever thought it could be.


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    jajajaj you´re right!

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