Anything Lime

28 in dog years

Sometimes it’s hard to believe my little puppy has grown into a dog. An actual drooling, barking, shedding dog. It’s hard to believe that I’ve made it through the fist fights and wrestling matches we’ve had when it came time to cutting her nails or giving her baths. I look back and remember how different things were when she was small enough for me to scoop up into my arms.

But would I trade that for what I have now? Not in a million years, and that’s when it becomes believable again.

A wonderful, perfectly behaved, beautiful dog came along and ate my puppy. Just scarfed her right up. And as horrid and whiny as that puppy was, I think it’s best that my new, perfect dog and I just keep this secret to ourselves. ;)

She’s grown to have so much love and wisdom. She’s smart and hard working. She looks for reasons to be happy and finds great amounts of joy in the simplest of things. If only I had such distinguished personality traits by the time I turned four.

We began the day with a bit of shopping. Kya got a new toy: a moose that squeaks AND rattles. CAN LIFE SERIOUSLY GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS? Why yes, Kya, it can. For dinner we fed her canned food, and we made a trip to a dog bakery to get her a special birthday treat.

Part of me was a bit heartbroken that day, because it hurts to think that Kya’s life is nearly halfway over. And, while there was a lurking sadness that I just could not seem to push aside, I can smile when I look back at how much life we’ve managed to cram into her four years so far. Plus, it always makes me smile when she does that thing where she scratches her ear for an hour with her back foot then carefully smells it. What is up with that?

This smile is contagious. And while she only wore the hat long enough for me to snap a few photos, she wore the smile all day long. It was an an incredibly happy day for all of us.


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