Anything Lime

Puppy breath

This summer marks the four-year anniversary of Kya entering my life. I can’t believe I’ve had her for four whole years. Four years we’ve bonded, learning each other’s noises and body language. Four years she’s chewed my things and I’ve responded violently. Four whole years.

Last weekend I dog sat for a friend’s new puppy, Thurston. While he loves Kya, she eventually became annoyed with his need to be constantly latched to her face. Though she did enjoy having him around, whether she would fess up to it or not. She was quite motherly to him, and she even let him win a few of the wrestling matches. They both had fun, I think.

It was refreshing to watch, though, because as my love for Kya has grown, I am able to realize that she has grown to have so much sophistication. Something Thurston, who spends a large chunk of each day chewing on his own arms, just couldn’t understand. While he’s adorable and snuggly and playful and has the best breath in the world, I wouldn’t trade what I have with my girl. The look in her eyes has transformed from a needy, dependent juvenile pup to a dog with a distinguished look in her eyes. She’s calming, she knows when I’m sad and she listens when I tell her about my days (regardless of how uneventful they may be).

Four whole years, Kya. I wish we could have four hundred more.


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