Anything Lime

That’s PRINCESS audience development coordinator, thank you very much

I got a new job title at work. Not because I deserved a promotion or because I was hand picked to run the black-ops division because of my sick skills or swift moves. It was because my position as I knew it was being eliminated, leaving me with two options: Get fired or get the heck out.

I chose to be proactive in finding another job within the company. It was suggested by a few people that the consumer marketing department would be a good fit for me. I’m making a major career move into the world of online marketing.

I move into my new cube on Tuesday, which my boss described as “the last piece of prime real estate.” Hooray for me. And, while I love my current cube and it’s undying tidiness, I’m feeling less nostalgic than I suspected I would. I tend to cling onto inanimate objects the way animals in the wild cling to their young. But this time it’s different. I never even gave my cube a name.

I am ready for a new place. I started packing about eight minutes after I accepted the job offer. Partly because of excitement, but mostly because I don’t have anything to do at work right now and needed something to occupy my time. I managed to fit all of my office belongings into two small boxes and one tiny box. Who’s a pack rat now, brotha?!

I start on Tuesday as an audience development coordinator. I know, it’s a mouthful, but this is a good opportunity for me. I’ll have a creative outlet working on developing ways to increase traffic to our more than 40 websites. I know, I’m hardly an expert seeing as how I get excited on a day when my blog gets 70 page views. But I think it will be really fun. I’m pretty thrilled. So, when Kya’s bout with diarrhea is over, my life will officially be perfect.


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