Anything Lime

Apartment nearing completion

A few friends and family members have asked about photos of the apartment, and I assure you they’re coming. Patrick and I are still putting the finishing touches on everything, rearranging things (NOT the loveseat, FYI) and getting things in order before taking photos.

On Saturday night we checked our mail when we got home from our engagement dinner celebration. We got a check in the mail from our old apartment complex. The check was refunding us for our pet deposit, rent overpayment and a bed we bought (which they apparently wanted to give us for free).

As I held the whopping $700 check in my hand I looked at Patrick, who was staring back at me with the kind of look that says, without words, “LET’S GO TO IKEA!”

So the next day, we did. And that is why I am marrying him.


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