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My bouquet of life: Answers revealed

Aimee Aimee, Dianthus — Bold, beautiful and vibrant — all the things you are. I also chose this flower because it’s completely opened to the world. I think that of all my flowers, you’re the one who is most open all the time. You don’t hold anything back and you open your heart and your arms to soak in the joy of the world.

WilloWillo, Chamomile — I chose this for you Willo because Chamomile is a plant used to soothe. It’s calming and it represents patience. Such a simple flower is often overlooked, but to me, it’s the plainness of this flower that makes it so exciting.

AshleyAshley, Sunflower, duh — You have this tattooed on your foot and I thought it inappropriate to choose anything else. :) Did you know that sunflowers represent loyalty and wishes? Even better.

DaddyDad, Borage — I chose this because it’s a beautiful deep blue, and it looks as though it’s about to punch someone in the face. This flower represents courage and bravery, and you’re the bravest guy I know.

somer2.jpgSomer, Spiderflower — This looks like something you would have living in your house. A few of them. Maybe hanging from the ceiling. It means “elope with me” which I think is funny, because out of all my friends, you’re most likely to elope! :) This flower represents the spontaneity that I love about you.

KyaKya, Wild Honeysuckle — I tried to find something wild and untamed to resemble Kya’s unkempt winter coat, and this is strikingly similar. Also, the meaning behind this Honeysuckle is generous and devoted affection. That’s my girl.

ValerieValerie, Cowslip — For all the times you keep your cool under fire, I’ve chosen this flower because it represents grace. Not that you’re not clumsy, but I think grace is also about staying classy and true to yourself.

KrystleKrystle, Dark Red Rose — I chose this for you because a rose means love, and we’ve got the kind of friendship that can only be defined as such. This color was appropriate because while some may overlook it thinking it’s dull or dead looking, there is something quite beautiful about it. I think the word misunderstood is appropriate — for the flower and for you.

ChristineChristine, Yellow Iris — This flower means faith, hope, wisdom and valor. I chose this flower because of its meaning. How you say so many little prayers for people throughout the day, take care of the people you love, inspire those around you and offer your wisdom to the world. You’ve overcome hard times and have only become more brilliant. I chose the yellow because the bright color is beautifully simple, yet quite sophisticated.

DanielleDanielle, Marigold — You’ve always been so motherly to me. As my big sister, you’ve been a protector in my life. A Marigold is defined as a comfort of the heart, and that’s what you are to me.

MattMatt, Blue Iris — I chose this flower for you because you’ve never been afraid to show your true colors — your beautiful colors. You’re a vibrant person, and this iris, which represents hope and wisdom, fits you exactly.

PatrickPatrick, Arbutis — A flower that represents my only love. Plain, simple and perfect.

SamSam, Bluebell — Humble and downward facing yet brilliant, the Bluebell represents humility and constancy. I love the way the ends of the flowers curl, I think that represents the artistic side of you. The unique shape of the bell is also appropriate for the musician in you.

StrattonStratton, Angelica — This flower represents inspiration. I also think it’s quite beautiful. I love the unique look of it. It is supposed to look threatening to ward off predators, but I don’t see how anyone can look at it and see anything but the vibrant colors. Also, no two of these look exactly alike.

MomMama, Red Rose — I always think of you when I see big, open red roses like this. Maybe it’s because of the animated version of “Alice in Wonderland” when she meets the talking flowers and the one in charge was a rose. Who knows. The color is beautiful and the shape is lovely. While some people might overlook a rose because it’s common or simple, I say it’s perfect. The openness of this flower is comforting to me.

KelseyKelsey, Glow-in-the-dark star flower — This is actually an artist’s digital image of a flower, who knows what kind. But I couldn’t find a really cool flower that represented all that is you, Kelsey. So I found this — beautifully done and incredibly artistic. It’s bold and unique, and it shines through the darkness.


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  1. * Aimee says:

    I knew Borage had to be your dad!

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 2 months ago

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