Anything Lime

While out for a nice little Saturday drive

“Patrick! Look! Jay-Z is driving that truck. It’s Jay-Z driving that truck!”

“Haha! It IS him! What a cool lookin’ dude. He looks like Jay-Z mixed with Masta P.”

“Isn’t Lil’ Bow Wow Masta P’s son?”

“Bow Wow.”


“It’s just Bow Wow.”

“Oh. Isn’t he Masta P’s son?”

“No, that’s Lil’ Romeo.”

“Oh, and does he just go by ‘Romeo’ now too?”

“No. He’s still Lil’ Romeo.”

“Oh, wait, isn’t Lil’ Bow Wow related to Snoop dogg?

“Bow Wow.”


“And isn’t Lil’ Romeo the one who could be a model?”

“Um… actually, I think Bow wow is better looking.”

“Really? Wasn’t Bow Wow the one who was in the movie ‘Honey’?”

“No, that’s Lil’ Romeo.”

“I don’t want to talk about this anymore.”


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