Anything Lime

Will someone please explain what the hell just happened?

I stepped out of my car when I got home from work yesterday, and I was greeted by two happy girls about age 17. One of them shouted, loudly, “HI!”

“Hi,” I said back, politely.

“I love your shoes,” she said, which I thought was strange because she started saying that before my shoes were visible to her. Also, I was wearing a simple pair of black pumps, nothing special. It was awkward.

“SHE LYIN’!” her friend said. Hmm… this is weird.

“I LOVE YOUR SHIRT! I HAVE THAT SAME SHIRT IN BLUE!” The first girl said, enthusiastically, which was strange because I was carrying two arm loads of junk out of my car and had a purse that covered one entire side of my body. What?!

“Thanks,” I said, scurrying away as fast as my ordinary black heels and my over-sized purse would let me.

“SHE LYIN’!” her friend was screaming. “DON’T LISTEN TO HER ‘CAUSE SHE LYIN’!”


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