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My first masthead

This weekend marked an important first for me — my first photo shoot for my first magazine article.

I showed up to the shoot at 9 on Saturday morning. The photo shoot had two parts: a golf part and a water ski part. The other players in this event included Ben, the subject of my article; Rolland, the all-knowing, all-powerful king of all things water sports and self-proclaimed art director of this shoot; Greg, Rolland’s neighbor and owner of the boat; Thomas, the Swedish photographer and Oscar, a friend of Thomas and water ski champion who was visiting from Sweden. Yes, quite a fun bunch.

I took to Thomas quite quickly. He was wise and helpful and gave me advice about writing for a water ski magazine. He also happens to be an incredible skier, so he’s been able to mesh his talents together by photographing skiers. I really enjoyed our conversation, though part of me really wanted to say, “So, Sweden, huh? I knew someone from Sweden before. Do you know Jakob Anderssen?” I know, I know, stupid question. I guess as an American it’s my duty to make ridiculous assumptions about people in other countries. Whatever. It was even harder to hold back from asking, “So, do you shop at Ikea?”

So we first watched as Ben, a master at shooting golf trick shots, climbed atop his giant physioball and began hitting golf balls into a lake (meanwhile Thomas was scaling the side of a building the way photographers do). We got some great pictures before Ben changed into his bathing suit and we headed for the boat.

The boat, um, situation was quite odd. Apparently the water level in Florida is lower than it was last year. In fact, it’s about three feet lower than normal. (Take that, global warming!)

Rather than walking to the end of the dock and gracefully stepping into the boat, we had to walk BENEATH the dock, not kidding, and leap with muddy shoe soles into the boat. Once in, it felt like victory. We were off.

Immediately Thomas took his camera and snapped pictures of lake-front properties. The wind in my hair brought me back to the days of learning how to ski behind my dad’s fishing boat. I’d forgotten how fun those times were. Despite the tension that clearly filled different spaces of the boat, and one near-accident that sent Thomas flying from one end of the boat to the other, it was a great photo shoot. Rolland chimed in a few times with what seemed to be know-it-all advice, but I know he meant well. Ben was skiing and enjoying himself. It was a happy time. Read more about Ben and his story here.

It was a great experience, and I feel like my life is better for having met each of those people. Oscar showed me that you’re never too young to reach for greatness. Greg’s sharing of his boat made this shoot possible. Ben looks at the world as though each day is a gift, and he lives his life in a way that is absolutely inspirational. Thomas looks at the world and sees art, and that is truly the greatest lesson of all.

I really should have asked him whether he shops at Ikea.


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