Anything Lime

Reason No. 75 why Patrick and I are the oldest couple ever.

Last night’s dinner conversation.

P: “What’s a clove?”

W: “What do you mean, like garlic?”

P: “No, something you smoke. Like slang or something.”

W: “Hmm… who knows what the kids are smoking these days.”

P: “When I was walking out of the grocery store, there was a teenage kid who grabbed something off of a ledge outside. And this man, this loitering man, said, ‘Hey! Is that a clove?’ and the kid said, ‘Yes.’ And he was smoking it.”

W: “Hmm… clove. Let’s Google it.”


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  1. * boomingemu says:

    I’m not sure that old couple-qualifiers Google things, but that time is fast approaching. You should smoke some cloves, just to feel young again. They leave a sweet taste on your lips. Then again, you could just put on some lip gloss.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 3 months ago

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