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La Vie en Lime: Breathe In

Lime Zest and Cypress Kitchen Spray

Cucina Fragrant Kitchen Spray in Lime Zest and Cypress fragrance. While I’ve never smelled this, my general mindset in life is that there’s no going wrong with anything lime. This bottle is 3.4 fl oz and can be purchased directly from the website (which, if you’re a compulsive online shopper like me, you can greatly appreciate.)

One other thing that puts this product above generic kitchen sprays is the bottle, which resembles a bottle of oil in an Italian restaurant. It can be left out on the counter and be one more piece of lime decor in your home. Not to mention, it can perk up the smell of dirty dishes or overflowing garbage cans.

I’d imagine this does wonders with tuna noodle surprise.

Buy it here for $17.


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  1. * boomingemu says:

    Do they make a larger size? You are going to need more than 3.4 oz if you continue to leave fish casserole on your counter for a week!

    I recommend Ozium. It isn’t as attractive and probably not as nice-smelling, but it’s way cheaper and a one-second spray does wonders!

    P.S. You can have credit for my blog…not sure that will be something to brag about, but it’s yours nonetheless.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 3 months ago

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