Anything Lime

Oh Wednesday

Today started out as a normal Wednesday, ya know, the kind that leaves you running thirty minutes late because snoozing is better than actually getting up. So I changed my outfit 27 times before finding an outfit that I felt okay in: a shirt I haven’t worn since I moved to Florida and a comfy pair of jeans I really like. The cleanliness of this particular pair of pants made me thankful that I had stuck to the chore schedule and finished laundry over the weekend. (Thank you, Patrick for being the only person on the planet who still has, and abides by, a chore schedule!) I teetered back and forth between two pairs of shoes, and ultimately ended up regretting my decision. My level of discomfort was amplified when one of my coworkers pointed out how my boobs were hanging out. It made me happy I had such great friends at work.

Patrick came to visit me after his tournament round today, and we went to look at a few different apartments on one complex where we’ve officially decided to live. We wanted to compare the locations and views of each of these apartments, and we definitely chose the greatest one on the property. Yay us.

It took what felt like a century to fill out the paperwork. By this time I had been gone from work for more than an hour, so I began calculating how much longer I’d have to stay to make up for the time. Hence, I’m still sitting at my desk at 5:43 p.m.

We were feeling really great about our decision, so we celebrated by grabbing a nasty lunch from Wendy’s. I got what I thought to be a healthy meal, a grilled chicken sandwich with a side of yogurt and granola, but it was just some gross, squishy patty packed between two pieces of white bread. I expected it to be a little gross, it’s Wendy’s. I didn’t however, expect for the piece of chicken to jump, repeatedly, onto my lap and ruin the only part of my outfit I was feeling at peace with. So there I was, covered in chicken and Wendy’s special sauce, contemplating suicide. Wrong shoes, revealing top, unclean pants.

Yes! I can’t wait to pull a long night at the office covered in mayonnaise and shame!


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